About Biplov Dahal

Biplov Dahal, with a decade of invaluable experience in web application development and half a decade spent leading dynamic engineering teams, has had the opportunity to collaborate with illustrious organizations across various industries. These include tech giants such as Apple and Samsung, the prestigious management consulting firm BCG, and the academically renowned University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Through these collaborations, he has not only fine-tuned his technical skills but also gained a wide spectrum of knowledge and insights into different operational nuances of these organizations. These experiences have greatly enriched his understanding of the tech world and diversified his expertise.

His main strength lies in engineering leadership. Biplov approaches his role with a deep understanding of both the technical and human aspects of the position. He prides himself on his ability to guide teams in the use of agile practices, a methodology known for enhancing efficiency, fostering collaboration, and promoting adaptability in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. His leadership style and capabilities have proven instrumental in successfully driving projects and achieving high-quality outcomes.

Senior Software Engineer